Jehovah’s Witnesses say NO to children

All of what Matt Christopher was reading in his video by the JW Organization is for the purpose of scaring the bejebeze out of their members so that they, having been informed by god’s channel of communication of what they surely will be facing, would then make the right spirituality based and wise decision to not have children.
Rutherford taught not to have children for the same reason during his time of ruling as well. “The reason given by the JW Organization is,” because the end is near and this system of things will only become worse and worse before the great day of “A” ( predicted by him to occur sometime in 1925 ) So it really wasn’t wise for the Bible Students to have children at that time either, because of the teaching that one would be raising their children during the worst possible time in history to ever bring up children.
🔸Fear works wonders for directing people in unethical manipulative ways. It is one of the most effective tactics used by the narcissistic based JW Organization on their members.
The organization has to get rid of or prevent anything else from getting in the way of their members being able to be 100% totally loyal and obedient to the JW Organization. Children will be a distraction from being 100% totally loyal to the organization, ( aka god ) now won’t they?
🔹If a job won’t allow one to take the day’s off needed for a JW Organization convention, it is advised by the Elders to immediately quit that job so that they can show their loyalty to Jehovah by putting Jehovah 1st and not missing a day of the convention. “The reason given by the JW Organization is,” as far as finding another Job is concerned, members are told that Jehovah will provide.
🔸If members have non-believing friends & family, ( after doing their very best at attempting to have recruited them to become a JW ) JW members are advised not to associate with them more than what is absolutely necessary because, “The reason given by the JW Organization is,” that “Bad Association spoils Useful Habits.” Anyone who is not a member of the JW Organization is what the leader/leadership has designated as, “Bad Associations.” What are Useful Habits? One’s learned by the JW Organization. So the fear is planted that hanging out with anyone who is not a JW will spiritually weaken their faith.
🔹 When members schedule a vacation, they are to also look into where would be the local kingdom hall to their vacation spot and then they are expected to be attending these scheduled meetings at that location. “The reason given by the JW Organization is,” When one puts Jehovah first, they don’t take vacations from Jehovah.
🔸When kid’s are growing up within the JW Organization and want to pursue some self-interests such as a sport or something having to do with the arts, if pursuing it involves being done through any extracurricular activities, ( aka non mandatory by law school hours and/or activities ) the self-interests will not allowed to be pursued because “The reason given by the JW Organization is,” it would involve one associating with non JW members, which of course spoils useful habits.
🔹Holidays? “The reason given by the JW Organization is,” that they “have pagan origins,” so we would not want to take part in any holidays that “have pagan origins,” now would we? But in actuality, it is during the times of the holidays that people are around their family and friends. So is this really about what is considered “pagan origins” when JW’s are all too fine to use the days of the week and months of the year’s when having conversations or setting up important dates? No, they are not. Yet the day’s of the week and the months of the year’s have pagan origins.
So the reason of not wanting to be associated with “anything that has pagan roots” dose not really apply across the board with the teachings coming from the leader/leadership of the JW Organization.
What it dose confirm is that keeping members from having pretty much anything to do with those who are not loyally following the teachings of the JW Organization will keep the members from having any other influences in their lives. This is exactly what the JW Organization will tell their members too, yet it’s said in such a way that sounds as though the leader/leadership is protecting their members from any possible harm from outside source’s.
But the fact is, this is exactly what a narcissistic leader/leadership would demand from their members too because when other influences are limited or done away with besides the influence of the leader/leadership then they alone are in control of one’s thoughts which then leads to being in control of one’s behavior.
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Growing up LGBTQ in JW{.}ORG

Growing up LGBTQ in JW{.}ORG
These are the words of someone still stuck in the Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She’s not being treated as she should be by her parents. Of course she wouldn’t dare come out to her parents. She simply stated that she didn’t want to attend “The Zoom Memorial 2020,” and she was promptly thrown out of her parents home. What a wonderful way to promote the Bible trained conscience of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yes, they took her back in, but this behavior on her parents part is so fucked up 💕 Dear one, if you ever do come across this tribute of the hell you are being forced to live in, just know that I and so many others get what you’re going through. You are not alone darlin 💕 Eventually, you are going to grow your own wings of wisdom and fly away. Know that.

To be alone

I have come to enjoy being alone, reading, listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos. I enjoy taking in as much knowledge as I can. I spend most of my time doing this in my bed while I’m laying down. Sometimes I’m sitting on the side of my bed, but for the most part, I’m spending most of my time away from everything and everyone and I’m just in my bed. This is the result of my clinical depression and at this point I have no desire nor motivation to change this behavior. Yes, that’s definitely a symptom of my clinical depression. So yeah, that’s just where I’m at at this point and I’m ok with it for now. I by no means feel lonely. I feel at peace about this yet at the same time I think I’m supposed to feel guilty or bad about it, and well… I just don’t. I just want to make a side note here, that I am in therapy.

I am now 55 years old, I have three grown adult children and three grandchildren. I am so proud of them. They were not raised to become Jehovah’s witnesses as I was. They were raised to think for themselves and to become their own individual self’s.

I love coming up with ideas for making videos. It’s takes days, oftentimes weeks for me to make one of my videos, I have one that I’ve been working on for over a year so far. But when I’m done, I have to feel good about it or I won’t share it. I usually have it proof read by someone who knows how to spell check my words and makes sure to get the meanings behind the words and message that I want to deliver. That’s very helpful because I’m not very confident in that area. Then I’ll go over it a few more times for the visual content that I have put together and see if I can make it a bit more creative and unique. Although I consider my self an activist within the Ex-JW community I believe I’m more of an artivist.

I’m coming to a place where I believe it could be helpful for me and possibly for others, for me to start putting together my story. On one hand, the thought of doing this is beginning to become very natural to me from a place in my heart that is saying, it’s time, yet on the other hand, I’m feeling very somber at the thought of putting myself through this. Reliving it and being that vulnerable is what I’m wanting to avoid. There has been a part of me thinking that it should be done in chronological order, but I get overwhelmed at the thought of having to make sure that it gets put together that way. Maybe if I just start to audio record what comes to mind as it simply comes to my mind, I can put it in order as I have more of my story recorded. Not push it, but rather allow for it to be revealed, at the times that it naturally chooses to be revealed.

I’m not really someone who is into writing a blog, This is my first one so I’m just sharing things off the top of my head about myself and my future plans. If you have any suggestions, I welcome them. I have no clue if and when I’ll write another one of these, but I’m hoping to do more.

Thank for reading

ApostaBabe Linda James